Pigeon Droppings may cause Asthma & Lots of other skin Diseases. Not only Health Hazards but also huge maintenance will be expensive & time consuming. Number one reason is for protection of accidental falling & Number two reason is any bird droppings leads huge maintenance issues which leads expensive & time consuming process.

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Regarding our homes, safety is typically the most desired quality. Whether standing on the edge of a porch or admiring the scenery on a deck, many of us often overlook the importance of Safety Nets Installing durable balcony Safety Nets is crucial for ensuring all-around home safety. However, balcony Safety Nets can provide additional benefits to a homeowner. Here are a few advantages of installing balcony Safety Nets for your home: Balance When a person loses balance on a platform, they usually cling to the railing. Safety Nets provide stability–which is especially important for children and the elderly. Prevention To help protect curious children, wild pets or unaware adults, Safety Nets provide a needed barrier between a surface and a high drop. Comfort During inclement weather, high platforms can be dangerous. Safety Nets provide enhanced support and allow others to feel more comfortable walking on the platform.